Akihabara tour

More photos from “otaku Mecca” Akihabara. Last week I took a tour organized by a startup called GI Jane. I was surprised to see so many foreigners on the streets. I’m not sure where these guys were from (maybe Italy?) but they certainly looked the part.

I caught them outside the Radio Kaikan which is probably the most famous otaku department store in Akihabara.

They are obviously very strict with participants on the tours. Here are a list of things NOT to do when visiting Akihabara. I think I may have broken 1, 3, 5, and 6. Oops!

Akihabara tour rules

Obviously, the thing you absolutely do NOT want to do in Akihabara is eat the oden in a can. Oden is a fishy brothy kind of stew that stinks out convenience stores during the winter. In Akihabara its available from vending machines – chilled in Summer!

canned oden machine

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  1. Vagrant says:

    I don’t like when people tell me what to do or not specially when i’m visiting places. It’s a big shame you did’t put more pics.

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