Interviewing Bando Tamasaburo

No pictures today because I was strictly on text duty. One of the biggest interviews I’ve done so far too.

Bando Tamasaburo is the greatest living Kabuki onnagata (male actor playing a female role) in Japan. See him in gorgeous action below.

I don’t normally get nervous before interviews, but there’s a difference between interviewing someone who is just famous, and someone who is famous and hugely talented. Luckily he was completely charming and thoughtful so I mainly had to concentrate on making my Japanese questions comprehensible and keeping the recorder running!

Tamasaburo started his kabuki career at the age of seven so I asked him whether living in that rarified world was ever difficult. He said something to the effect that oridinary life was the “strange” world for him.

I’ll upload the interview when it’s out (at least a few months).

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