Tokyo Game Show 2008

I survived Tokyo Game Show 2008! Imagine 8 hours imprisoned in a dark cavernous space packed with hundreds of excited Japanese otaku. Two winges:

1) Why was there a queue of about a hundred journalists at the press desk come 10am opening. Surely the world’s largest game expo could organise online registration?

2) Why is it called Tokyo Game Show when it’s not actually in Tokyo? It’s in Chiba, near Tokyo Disneyland, which is also not in Tokyo. And couldn’t they hold it on the same side of Tokyo as my house?

You can tell I am tired.

From a job for Rex Features in London. This girl was advertising a fantasy role playing game . . .


(More game show photos after the break)

This guy was advertising a computer magazine. His bandana says “kamikaze”. . .


No Japanese exhibition would be complete without hundreds of promotion girls. . .


2 Responses to “Tokyo Game Show 2008”

  1. Everett Kennedy Brown says:

    Tokyo Game Show? Prime geek theater. But where do all those foreign journalists come from?

  2. tony says:

    Well, the games industry is supposed to be bigger than Hollywood. Perhaps there aren’t many other major game events?

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