Super Handicapped Pro-Wrestling

disabled wrestler

Earlier this year I did a story on a group of disabled wrestlers called Doglegs: Super Handicapped Pro-wrestling.

It sounds like the most incredibly crass bad taste idea ever. But after actually seeing one of their events I kind of understood why the wrestlers said it was empowering for them. These photos are from a tournament in the center of Tokyo. 350 people came to watch.

Wrestler “Orochi” chops “L’amant” in the neck. Both wrestlers suffer from cerebral palsy. Only attacks to afflicted areas are disallowed . . .

disabled wrestling

The wrestlers’ included men and women with sight and hearing impairments, mental disabilities, wheelchair users, diabetes and cerebral palsy.

Yasuhiro Kayahara, AKA “No Sympathy”, gets helped out of the arena after his bout. Everybody knows pro-wrestling was fake, but I can tell you that this kind isn’t. I was taking photos ringside and I saw the blood on the canvas.

handicapped wrestler

Doglegs are on YouTube as well . . .

My photos and story on doglegs are available from the Rex Features agency.

Here’s a link to all my disabled wrestling photos on my archive.

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