Creepy crawly cuisine

Earlier this week I photographed probably the sweetest middle aged couple I have met in Japan. On a gorgeous Autumn morning I visited them at their cosy little detached Japanese house in a pretty part of Western Tokyo. As we talked they introduced me to their pets, told me about their hobbies and plied me with tea and treats.

Why did I visit them? Well, they eat insects.

The nice cup of English tea I got came with deep fried locusts, madagascar cockroach sushi, and preying mantis tofu.

Mr Uchiyama’s has a popular blog on insect cooking:”Let’s enjoy eating insects.

Mmmmm insect sushi . . .

insect sushi

Your erstwhile correspondent about to explore the frontiers of Japanese cuisine . . .

Photos from the story I did for Rex Features . . . Deep fried. Mmmmmm!

deep fried insect

Where do you think the head went?

eating an insect

Here’s a link to Mr Uchiyama’s cookbook of insect recipes. He’s looking for a English publisher. I wonder if Martha Stewart has heard?

9 Responses to “Creepy crawly cuisine”

  1. Shane says:

    Great photos Tom! Not so sure I would want to be invited for lunch though – did you sample the fare?

  2. Etsuko says:

    Did you try insect sushi? I’m pretty adventurous when it comes to food, but I don’t think I can hack it.

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  4. Insect Sushi says:

    […] via […]

  5. tony says:

    To my shame, I didn’t try anything! I’ve eaten locusts up in the mountains before (a bit like shrimps fried in soy sauce). Wasp larvae were good too (jelly beans).

    Couldn’t quite summon the courage this time. Or maybe it was because I’d just seen him playing with the cockroachs and the spider being deep fried alive.

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  7. Alex says:

    This chap’s on the back page of the Nikkei today. Nice scoop, Tony! Agree with Shane above: great pictures. The sushi shot is priceless. Editor in chief here (Japanese) just recoiled!

    Good work, sir. Cheers, Alex.

  8. tony says:

    Hey Alex. Would have been better if I’d sold the story. Don’t fancy a nibble yourself?

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