Hayao Miyazaki for Prime Minister

When Hayao Miyazaki spoke at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Tokyo he said he could never be the Prime Minister of Japan because “you can’t tell the truth to people who do not want to hear”.

But here are 10 reasons why he SHOULD have the top job. (Who knows, there could be a vacancy soon)

  1. He loves nature, so he won’t build any more roads and bridges.
  2. He’s fabulously rich and doesn’t need the kickbacks.
  3. He’s popular in China, and the rest of Asia, and the rest of the world.
  4. He could make Japan children-friendly and solve the birthrate problem.
  5. He knows about Shinto but isn’t a right wing fanatic.
  6. He has a beard (when was the last time you saw a Japanese politician with a beard?)
  7. He’s not a LDP politician.
  8. He’s not a DPJ politician.
  9. He’s not a politician.
  10. He has imagination.

2 Responses to “Hayao Miyazaki for Prime Minister”

  1. 2nihon says:

    11. Seeing more Totoros around would be a good thing.

  2. Dudeman says:

    1) people like you are naive and the same people he couldn’t tell the truth to
    2) ultimately the compromises he would give, would make him appear “right wing” as you say, causing you and others to dislike him

    Just my 2c.

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