More Showa photos

Hans Brinckmann has very kindly provided some more of his and Ysbrand Rogge’s fantastic Showa-era photos. They are from his on-going exhibition at the FCCJ.

Hans has added some captions. If you have any questions for Hans about the photos, or about life in Japan in the 1950s and ’60s you might want post them below as I know he will be checking this blog.

Cigarette shop, Togakuchi Village, Nagano Prefecture, 1960. (Hans Brinckmann)


Buying ‘ekiben’ on the train to Nishiura Onsen, 1960. (Ysbrand Rogge)


Lake Kawaguchi with Mt. Fuji and the twin turrents of the old Fuji View Hotel, 1963. (Hans Brinckmann)


Marunouchi street after rain, 1960. (Ysbrand Rogge)


Interior, with home shrine. Note photo of soldier killed in action,1958. (Ysbrand Rogge)


Some of these photos are included in Hans Brinckmann’s recent book, “Showa Japan: the post-war Golden Age and its Troubled Legacy” (Tuttle, 2008) available at Maruzen and major bookstores, as well as online.

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  1. Chris Bunting says:

    Iconic photographs.

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