Lighthouses of the West Coast


Superb photos by my friend and partner in crime Mattias Westfalk of lighthouses on the West Coast of the US.

Last Spring we spent 2 weeks travelling from San Francicso to Seattle and visiting every lighthouse we could for an inflight magazine. I was on a relatively rare these days text-only gig. (The story is here if you want to read it. The first graph is pasted below).

Believe it or not, Mattias is more usually shooting tattoos, skateboarding and a band called “Pulling teeth” (not J-pop).

Just goes to show, if you’re really good, you can shoot anything.





“It’s 6:00 A.M. and lighthouse keeper Jim Kinbrell hands us two steaming mugs of coffee. Lighthouse keeper’s coffee, he tells us— strong coffee, as pitch black as the predawn. We step outside and instantly the dewdrops gather on our clothes and hair. The lighthouse is close by. Four beams cut through the mist from the lantern room, home to the impossibly beautiful lens with its 97 individual prisms. It is a golden Fabergé egg in a giant glass nest. As we stand and watch enchanted in the misty morn . . .” [read more]

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