local flower festival

I was out in the park with my son this afternoon and came across this! It’s the local “sakurasaoh matsuri” – as written on the pink lantern.

My landlord says that our local area used to belong to sakurasoh (Japanese primose) growers. During this festival – the primoses are in bloom now – a portable shrine is carried past the old flower growing houses, and through the park.


What a perfect setting and perfect day. A few sakura trees were in full bloom: a late flowering variety.


I’ve been using my D200 as a back-up/home snap-shot camera ever since I upgraded to the D700. This was with the Tokina F4 12-24. Not bad at all. The Tokina is pretty fuzzy in the corners at F4 but the reds and greens are really vibrant.


I shooting in RAW recently. Only a few simple adjustments here – mostly boosting shadow detail.


I was carrying my 2 year old son with my left arm as I took these shots. Luckily he was pretty well distracted by all the noise.


This is the mikoshi heading off to the far end of the park where there’s a little Japanese primose display.


I’ll ask if I can help carry the shrine next year!

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