Afghanistan photos at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club

The May exhibition at the FCCJ is by Gianni Giosue, a news and documentary photographer based in Tokyo. (Thanks Gianni for letting me post them here!).

Gianni took photos at the “Mobile Mini Circus for Children”, an NGO that provides education and fun for children in Kabul. I think the photographer had some fun with these too judging by bright colours and dramatic compositions.




As well as documenting fun and games at the NGO, Gianni recorded the desperate situation facing children in Afghanistan. These photos are from a set of images in the FCCJ’s sushi bar and were taken in a Kabul hospital.

“Although land mines are one of the biggest threats to children in Afghanistan, they also have to deal with lethal roads, poverty stricken urban communities, and appalling living conditions,” Gianni says.



This last photo is one we weren’t able to show in the FCCJ sushi bar.


“With every news assignment there is a chance to produce graphic and informative images. Behind every documentary story there is a chance to become a better person,” says Gianni.

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  1. its interesting to see the juxtaposed realities presented in the first 3 and last 3 photos. nice to see some smiles in that part of the world, despite everything illustrated by the last 3 photos.

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