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A while ago I posted on shops for new camera kit in Tokyo. Here’s the companion to that, a short list of my favorite used camera shops in Tokyo. But before I get started, a caveat:

Please bear in mind that this is a very subjective list; these are just places I’ve been recommended or stumbled across. I have bought and sold at some, but not all, and apologies if I have missed somewhere important.

5 shops, in no particular order . . .

1) Fujiya Camera, Nakano

Nakano was Tokyo geek central before Akihabara, and it has some of the best hobby shops in Tokyo, including cameras. There are several Fujiya shops in a small area. The biggest one has used cameras on the second floor. Check out Mandarake while you are in Nakano. No cameras, but everything else you could imagine!

2) Sanpo Camera, Meguro

Sanpo is the most inconviently situated of this list, but I suspect that is the point. They are VERY cheap. I’m not so sure about their used cameras, but they kitted me out with a new DLSR kit not so long ago for much less than anywhere else I could find. A favourite of pros.

3) Map Camera, Shinjuku

Right round the corner from Yodobashi camera Shinjuku West exit. There are about 5 or 6 used camera shops within a stone’s through of this one but Map is the biggest and best. I just sold them a lens the other day and they were super-efficient. I’ve always had good advice from the staff too.

4) Sakuraya, Akihabara, Shinjuku etc

There are Sakura camera shops dotted all around Tokyo and Japan, actually a chain of used camera shops, and how that is economically feasible, I have no idea. In any case, they have lots of extremely cheap classic cameras. I bought a Yashica Samurai for 1000 yen in one the other day.  It came with a free battery worth 800 yen!

5) Lemonsha, Ginza

By no means the cheapest of the above, but my favourite. Lots of Leica, a fair selection of Nikon and Canon, medium format etc. They stock other collectables like fountain pens and watches too. (I’m writing a story on Seiko right now). They have a little coffee machine and seating area, so its perfect for a break during an afternoon of ginbura.

Lastly, my friend Alfie Goodrich has a great post on his local camera shop. There are hundreds of small and (mostly) friendly camera shops in Tokyo and around Japan. Good luck on finding your own favourite!

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  1. paolo says:

    A Guide to New and Used Camera Shops in Tokyo

  2. Len Rhodes says:

    Hi. Can you please tell me where I can purchase a photography Jacket with no sleeves and many pockets.

    Gave the wrong email address first time

  3. I wish I saw this post before I went to Japan!

  4. Flanegan says:

    *bookmarked this post*

    this is awesome… I’m saving a few $$ now just to visit Tokyo itself and also do a few classic cameras shopping.


  5. aizura says:

    thinking of buying a used leica m8. any advice and where would be the best place, in your opinion.

  6. nicky says:

    any ideas on where i could find a used projector that i can connect to my laptop for watching dvds?

  7. Ohm says:

    There is one shop in Omori Tokyo named “Cross Point”.

    Stuff there mainly MF and classic camera. Little speak english

    for owner very nice price. I got 2 OM lens 50/F1.8 and 75-150/F4

    by spend only 5000 yen.

  8. KIMBOA says:

    Hi, map camera has relatively good prices for lenses. how can i buy from them and ship the items to the UK? ANY IDEAS GENTLEMEN?

  9. Roz says:

    Hi, having just returned from Tokyo for my second visit this year. I can confidently say that Tokyo has some of the best photographic kit shops that I’ve seen anywhere.I disagree with a previous comment that the small camera shops are more expensive in fact, this is where I have found bargains.Greater Tokyo has so many wonderful specialist camera shops selling both analogue and digital, it’s just a photography paradise. I’d suggest don’t buy cameras from Bic or the other larger chain stores, unless you are looking for a digital SLR. of course they sell many other mass photographic products.

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