Help! Lost my phojo.

A new word: phojo.

Seem to have lost my phojo (photo-mojo) these last few weeks. Perhaps it is the summer heat? Perhaps it is the drip drip drip of desperate news on this industry? But I am shooting less than usual and severely lacking inspiration. I’m even leaving my GR1 at home at the weekends.

Anyway, have you ever lost your phojo? How did you get it back?

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  1. Hiya Tony! Yes the heat is telling. I actually have a week off and had planned, unfortunately at the last minute, to do a trip for a possible travel piece and just change my scenery a bit. But I say unfortunately because due to the fact that it`s Obon and everyone, EVERYONE, is on the move I couldn`t get the first night train booked and as that was rather the point of the piece I couldn`t go. That sort of threw me out od sorts for this week. I just haven`t found anything that makes me want to go out into Tokyo and shoot the insteads. I aim to remedy the malaise this weekend if I can, there are things happening and I want to see if I can find a bit of seredipity for further shoots, I hope. It has been good spending the week playing with my kids to tell the truth, working on the computer, catching up on archives, processing and news of and off photography. Endless Ultraman does leave me exhausted for anything else though maybe that`s your problem too. I can live with that sort of tiredness however.
    Love the Sado pics by the way, inspiring. To me that`s what is needed when the energy goes: somewhere beautiful that has sky and stillness. I even felt recharged going to Odaiba one quiet evening a few months ago. If you avoid the main areas, it is not exactly beautiful but the views can be spectacular and though it is not quiet and still there is lots and lots of sky if you walk across Rainbow Bridge.
    Hope you get the Phojo back.

  2. tony says:

    Night train sounds fun. Never taken one of those in Japan.

    Totally agree with you about Odaiba. It’s a beautiful place, if you ignore the buildings!

  3. Don’t lose your phojo! Yours shots are brilliant. I was just getting depressed at how good they are and how desperately flat some of the shots I take are.

  4. John Lander says:

    Hi Tony, We all get that from time to time. Recently I was all snarled up in writing a feature article, with umpteen back-and-forth emails from Ms Fussbudget Editor (“navigation too wordy” etc) and was chained to my desk, no relief in sight, the last thing one wants to do is trudge around Odaiba or Yokohama or a mob scene at a festival with a 5D being jostled, cowed by bimbos with cell cameras etc.

    Yet, despite all this my mojo did come back, with a vengeance, at the Gundam giant robot, when it started to steam, blink its sparkling red eyes, etc as it does on the hour for about 45 seconds. Well worth the trudge and the mojo was back!

    Mojos, like muses, are illusive creatures that appear and vanish on a whim but never fear it will return – just be sure to have the cam with you. John

  5. grangersmith says:

    I am not a photographer, do not live in Japan, just randomly surfing the net,, for a mental vacation…I do that once in awhile…Loosing or misplacing your mojo, phojo, a rose by any other name is a shared temporary malady of humanity…I have just experienced this, the worst funk I have felt in a very long time…I came to the conclusion that I could stay in it for as long as I felt the need to feel uncomfortably self tortured….Couldn’t put my finger on why I felt the way I did, had many excuses like the weather, the economy, world wide doom, my crazy country and the people running it, but nothing rang true…What I misplaced, was the original reason behind doing what I do, the passion the love of it…I also realized that I was overloaded in the negative doom that is blasted everyday by the news media…Don’t watch TV, but the internet has enough doom on it to compensate for Television….Yes things are shifting globally, and it’s a house of cards, we are all connected in so many ways and the economy is one of them…So in order not to go crazy, die from stress or become part of the problem it helps to shift with the changes, shift your own reality…No matter what happens, no one or thing can take away what you love or your happiness…Only you can do that to yourself….So be happy for today, go on a second honeymoon with your love (photojournalism) shake it up, maybe it’s calling you to look at it through the eyes of the camera and the world in a different way…Maybe your camera wants you to shoot something outside of the mind set of survival, obligation, worry…It’s amazing, how stress can stop the flow of creativity and originality…You loose your mojo, when the love and passion is blocked…Blocks are fear based, the fear actually creates the event you fear…Anyway, try to remember what it is that has brought you to this point in life, why you became a photojournalist….A little pop psychology doesn’t hurt anyone, once in awhile, we get amnesia, and need to reevaluate our life and usually come out on the other side with a deeper understanding, passion and re-commitment to ourselves and our passions…Your photography skills are very skilled, I can tell you have mastered your own techniques and abilities, and have the eye, or intuition on the right “Moment” …Turn the camera on yourself, can you find the insight and right moment with you as the subject?????

  6. fritz says:

    I arrived in Tokyo one month before you wrote this entry, but after my arrival it took me 3 weeks to make the first decent picture. I’m a young photographer from Berlin, germany and I’m usually inspired quite easily. But I guess the first weeks in Tokyo were just too much inspiration to handle at once. all these new and strange impressions… and after a trip to the islands south of tokyo, my camera broke after two years of service. I wasn’t so sad about that, because it wasn’t a good one, but since I had to buy a new one, the money I brought with me was running out faster than expected.
    I’m working freelance for german media departments and newspaper, and sometimes I sell something, sometimes I don’t – which was really fun when I had not enough money left to buy food for a couple of days. but I guess these kind of experience have to be made during a young age =)

    anyway, since a lot of people were annoying me, I started a blog some days ago. It’s not so big right now, but it has some of my pictures. Would be very happy if you can give it a look =) (on the rightern side is a link for a translated english version)

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