Poland photos

Not Japan and not photojournalism per se, but I’ve been meaning to post these here for a while. The summer before last I visited Poland with my family and trusty GR1.

We were visiting my Polish relatives, but it was my first time to Poland since school. I was quite shocked at how little I really knew about the country. So please treat these as a first impression. The photos were taken mostly in Warsaw and Krakow.

Anyway, my Poland via a GR1 and few rolls of B&W . . .











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3 Responses to “Poland photos”

  1. Krakow is one of my favourite places in the world, I used to love sitting out on that statue waiting for the trumpeteer to sound out the hours from St Mary`s church tower and the pigeons to circle the Rynek`s wide sky. I spent a few summers and winters there and in Jurasic Park to the north and the Tatry to the south climbing and wandering and photographing (in a less than professional manner).
    Now being, I hope, a better photograpoher i`d love to go back, but I think my wife won`t let me: she knows the Polish girls are too beautiful!

    Nice to see some of your shots from this.

  2. Will says:

    Really nice shots, how I miss traveling with my Gr1s and a bag of film. Great cameras…

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