Red Light District

A selection of photos from a personal project I’ve been working on recently.

Street photography is pretty much how I started out, and I still love it. But not much time for wandering the backstreets of Tokyo these days.

For want of imagination I’ve called the project Tokyo Red. Other name suggestions welcome!






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  1. I`m sure the “red light district” tag will pull in some disappointed visitors but i like some of the shots here, the red glow is interesting and i think my desktops screen shows things kind of orangey so the colours are probably really subtle in some of the wider shots.
    The first image and the “amusement” shot nicely square the naturally occuring red with the thrown light, very abstract, very strange: the extra red seems part of the scene though it is just a touch too much; almost Hellishly saturated, and the angry illumination contrasts nicely with the implied fun of the sign or banality of the electric box or the politician peeking out from behind the lampost. Not sure where you could take this idea exactly (but i`m sure you`re putting your mind to it better than mnost could) but that livid light on things is oddly telling when it is pointed at the right things.

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