Second class food?

Perhaps only Japan would have an event celebrating “2nd class food”? It’s probably something to do with the fact that even the fast food in Japan tends to be very good.

This year the B1 Grand Prix was held in Yokote-city up in Akita prefecture. B1 stands for B-Class Gourmet, foods like yakisoba, okonomiyaki, takoyaki, koroke and oden. As one person I interviewed put it, “The price may be b-class but the taste is a-class”. Over two days some 260,000 people attended. (I guess there isn’t that much to do in Akita?). Some of them queued for over two hours for their favorite foods.

I had a lot of fun photographing the visitors . . .

B1 Grand Prix

B1 Grand Prix, Sept 2009 – Images by Tony McNicol

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  1. Skye says:

    You’re making me hungry. Will I see this in print somewhere soon?
    I just wanted to say that I recently re-discovered your blog and that I’ve been really enjoying looking at your work. Hoping to see a new post soon.
    Keep up the good work!

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