Jacques Payet, Yoshinkan Aikido master

The Yoshinkan Aikido dojo in Takadanobaba, Tokyo.

This was the first time I’ve photographed, or even seen, Aikido and was for my new job.  I was very kindly invited by 7th Dan master Jacques Payet.

My first impression of Aikido training was that it looks like a mixture of effortless grace and intense pain — no doubt depending on which side of the attack you are.

The full story is on the EURObiZ Japan website.

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  2. I like the photos and Mr. Jacques Payet looks very cool. I wouldn’t have any problems with him ;)

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Keith Crowley says:

    Hi Tony – when taking these indoor shots with artificial lighting did you do anything special? ….. like adjusting the white balance?


  4. Mel says:

    osu sensei! beautiful photos, outstanding point of view!

  5. Keith Crowley says:

    Hi Again Tony – any reason why you chose to use Photoshop to play with the RAW image instead of the SW that came with your camera? better at it? more versatile? … just picking your brains as I`m `getting back` into photography & trying to dabble with all this digital stuff :-) thx


    • tony says:

      The Photoshop Camera Raw is pretty good, although I’ve being using the Lightroom 3 Beta recently. I’ve got a feeling I’ll switch to that when it goes on sale.

      Its a while since I’ve used any of the Nikon software. I’ve heard the quality of the RAW conversion is slightly better than Photoshop (the colors are nicer), but it was pretty slow when I used it. May well be better now.

      Lightroom or Aperture is probably your best bet by the sounds of it.

  6. jean-luc says:

    Jean-Luc de l’ile de la réunion je voudrais savoir de quel pays est Jacques Payet?

  7. LoKR says:

    De la réunion Jean-luc, de la Chaloupe saint-leu exactement

  8. Aujourd’hui il y a une page concernant M° Jacques Payet dans un supplément du journal de l’ile de La Réunion .
    Bonne journée .
    Saint Jo Aïkido

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