Tokyo marathon 2011

I took about two hundred portraits of runners at the Tokyo Marathon last Sunday, 100 at the start and 100 at the finish – all with my trusty nifty-fifty. I had a press pass courtesy of EURObiZ Japan. They’ll be a photo story in the magazine soon.

I wanted to show the excitement of the start line and the exhaustion of the finish line. Not sure I quite managed to do that. The start photos were fine, but as soon as I pointed a camera at anyone at the finish they broke into a huge smile. They were giving me the elation rather than the exhaustion.

Still, these are some of my favourites. (The first guy was dressed as a bunch of grapes)






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  1. Laura says:

    Tony! These are great! I like your story about wanting to capture the exhaustion, but everyone giving elation to the camera at the finish line! Photos like these, remind me of the fun and untirable Japanese spirit, and why I love living here so much! Keep posting! Looking forward to the photo story in the next EURObiZ!

  2. Must have been hellish to run in that darthvader mask. Great shots Tony, classic journlaistic portraits with so much more told than you can at first see. Class

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