Leaving Tokyo

The atmosphere is Tokyo right now is hard to describe: a mixture of horror, weariness and unease. Like everyone else here I’ve been glued to the TV and internet for days.

Yesterday morning was the low point so far for me. When the media started reporting on rising radiation at the Fukushima plant I agreed with my wife that she and our two children should travel to stay with the grandparents in west Japan. Tokyo is a stressful place right now.

I wasn’t the person with that idea and Tokyo station was crowded with families so I stayed there a while to take these photos.

The poor children in north Japan. I just read this heartrending story by my colleague Julian Ryall.


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  1. […] Leaving Tokyo. These photographs of pregnant women and families with little children fleeing the Tokyo area are so heart-wrenching to me. The children look so frightened and serious. I think about Japan almost every day and I can’t get the Japanese out of my mind. (Tokyo Photojournalist) […]

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