Drinking Japan

I had a lovely surprise today. A while ago I sent my friend Chris Bunting some photos for a book he was working on. Well, the book is out – and what a fantastic book it is too.

My photos are the ones of the sake brewery (not the cover photo, the sake casks or the B&W photo – although funnily enough the brilliant drinking game photo is actually from an exhibition by Hans Brinckmann I organised a while back).

Chris is the author of  Nonjatta, the definitive Japanese whisky blog, a great writer and – going on the evidence of this book – a world class barfly. This comprehensive guide to everything alcoholic in Japan is going to be a classic I’m sure. Proud to be part of it. Kampai!

You can buy the book here and it has it’s own website too: drinkingjapan.com.






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