Children’s Day in Ishinomaki

This is the last of the sets of photos I took up in tsumnami-devastated Ishinomaki over Golden Week.

The morning of 5 May I drove from Sendai to Ishinomaki with rakugo artist Dianne Orrett and a couple of her Chindon’ya friends. We spent the day together as they performed at the Ishinomaki Mangattan and a local shrine festival.

This is just one of many trips Diane has made up to the earthquake zone.

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3 Responses to “Children’s Day in Ishinomaki”

  1. RMilner says:

    It’s sad yet inspiring to see the lop-sided shrine with its decorations.

  2. Cleo says:

    I don’t see how the Japanese can baldfacedly have a Children’s Day when they refuse to clean up the chemical bombs buried in Northeast China that have exploded and burnt Chinese children. The Japanese are the only ones with the maps of where they themselves buried those Chemical booby traps.

    • tony says:

      That’s a sad and hate-filled comment Cleo. Irrespective of what Japan did during the war – and even of reparations they have or haven’t made – the situation of children in Tohoku is dire. They have every right to hold a Children’s day.

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