Some more corporate portraits

A last selection from the corporate portraits I’ve been doing for EURObiZ Japan.

With these I always try to include something from the person’s work in the photo. Some people/occupations can be harder than others. But I always do my best to make them look relaxed, and happy with their jobs. I get the occasional great surprise. Joakim Kautto at the bottom was singing me Beatles songs on that guitar specially adapted for the elderly.

Charles McJilton of Second Harvest Japan is the odd one out in this set. When I took his photo a few days after the March 11 earthquake and tsunami I wasn’t planning to use it in the series. But we realised that it would work perfectly in the special issue on the disaster.

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  1. Nice collection of great portraits. They really look relaxed and you can read their character easily. That’s a good skill and a reflection of your own character no doubt. Damon

  2. sixmats says:

    I think that should be the March 11 earthquake …

    Really nice portraits.

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