Nothing much by the sea

December 31st 2011. A near deserted beach in Chiba prefecture.

Iron seagulls. Broken shells. Coloured glass tumbled smooth by the sea. Sunlight on peeling sky blue paint.

In December Japan has ’forget the year parties’. Change the mind’s tatami, throw away yellowed memories.

Nothing much is happening here.

Once, I used to psyche myself up to take photos. These days I try to calm down a little.

Photojournalism is news. Happenings, or happened.

Not much in these photos. I’m not sure what makes them worth sharing.

Nothing much.

A new year.






















2 Responses to “Nothing much by the sea”

  1. Nice, Zen like emptiness to some of those photos. Looked like a nice warm sunset too. The detritus-strewn beach is a shame to see but then again it is a feature of some Japanese coasts. Love the Tsuzuki grass shot. Looks like a nice relaxing day out. In need of one of those myself. Damon

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