Returning to the path

Rather a personal shoot for me this one. About ten years ago, after my first stint in Japan, I was thinking hard about what do with my life.

I decided to walk the famous Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage – all 1400km. I suppose it worked because after I got home to the UK I got my first journalism job. And the photos I took of the pilgrimage were, in fact, the first I ever sold.

Well, I went back earlier this year to do a story. The first time I had a sleeping bag and cooking stove. This time it was an iPad and rucksack full of Nikon gear.

Life changes, eh.



















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  1. Tom says:

    I visited Shikoku back in April and it’s a wonderful place. I stayed in Matsuyama Dogo and walked to Ishite-ji. The tunnels behind it were creepily cool (no-one told me a torch would have been useful!). I desperately want to go back. Thanks for these pictures :)

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