Night and Day (More Parkour)

Oh dear, I’ve been badly neglecting this blog recently. Apologies.

As a first installment in a substantial backlog, here are a few more photos from my Tokyo Parkour project. (Must get that going again).  They come from two shoots: one in Shinjuku after dark and the other in Shibuya in the early morning.

I learned an important lesson doing the night shoot, namely: “remember to check the weather forcast and the train timetables”. There had been a huge typhoon the day before which gave probably the most spectacular sunset of the entire year so far. Of course, I arrived much too late and only had time to get a few shots with the pink sky in the background.Most were taken with a 16mm fisheye. It’s amazing how the distortion makes the traceurs look like they are flying.

With the Shibuya shoot – at the unearthly hour of 6am – I thought it would be interesting to photograph the traceurs without them moving at all.Glad we got there early in the morning. The light wasn’t quite as good as I’d hoped, but there weren’t too many people around and it wasn’t too hot.

Now I need to have a think about the next shoot.








Parkour in Shibuya

Parkour in Shibuya

Parkour in Shibuya

Parkour in Shibuya

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