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Festival of the dead

Tweet It’s been a while since my late post, and it’s even longer since I took these photos last summer. Every August there’s a small obon celebration under the bullet train tracks near our house. Obon is the festival of the dead when Japanese honour their ancestors. A local taiko drumming group comes to our […]

Kobe Beef

Tweet The first thing I realized doing this story is that Kobe beef is a much more rarified product than I’d thought. Kobe beef isn’t just beef from Kobe, and its certainly not the same thing as “wagyu”. As I was told multiple times, real Kobe beef is a particular breed of cow (Tajima-ushi), raised […]

multimedia commuter hell

Tweet Old photos and new media! Apologies to people who have seen some of these photos on my blog before. This is a set of photos I shot a while ago. The originals are in my archive. I’ve converted them to B&W, plugged them into Soundslides, and added a soundtrack surreptitiously recorded on the Keihin-Tohoku […]