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Hot Tuna

Tweet Not about the seminal blues band I’m afraid. An article on a sushi competition I attended earlier this year. gochisosama . . . “It was certainly an incongruous setting for a master-class in cuttingedge cuisine. Seven sushi masters,more accustomed to wielding the knife behind long cypress sushi counters,now found themselves surrounded by oak-paneled walls […]

Yet More Robots

Tweet For the ANA inflight magazine this time . . . on humanoid robots.

Osaka Comedy

Tweet I was in Osaka earlier this year doing an article on comedy in the city. For ANA inflight magazine, Wingspan Click for PDF

All the news without fear or favour

Tweet This is an interview I did with Yukiko Ogasawara, the President of the Japan Times. The article was prompted by a blog by Debito Arudou back in October. Debito also blogged my article and there are some comments on his site.

Service Robots for Bulletin Magazine

Tweet Japan has a deep-seated infatuation with mechanical friends, whether it is with the heroes of manga (comic books) and anime (animation), hard-working industrial robots, or the public relations humanoids of major Japanese corporations. Currently, all eyes are on the service- robot sector . . . Read more

Second Life

Tweet An article on Second Life for Kaleidoscope. I only ever seem to be in the world when I am writing about it. But feel free to contact me there (Burton Nozomi) “Day in, day out at the same old office? Same commute? Same old job? Same old you? Now could be your chance to […]

National Geographic article on cherry trees

Tweet Not quite the right season to be writing about sakura, but that’s the point this time . . . “Ornamental cherry trees all over the Japanese archipelago have been blossoming unseasonably this fall, according to local media reports. A few sakura trees—as they are known in Japan—bloom in fall most years. But with more […]

More liquid research

Tweet On shochu this time. I’m not a big shochu fan at the moment. But planning to reconsider. Popped down to a huge shochu store near Shimbashi to take the photos.

Craft Beers

Tweet Another illustrated article for Kaleidoscope – on craft beers this time. Had fun “researching” at Ryogoku Popeye!

Green Tea

Tweet Here’s an article I did for Kaleidoscope on Green Tea. It mentions a company in Kamamura that is selling gourmet tea for 100,000s of yen.

Wired News Article

Tweet My Tokyo Adult Expo photo story finally made it onto the Wired News Site. 22 photos and lots of caption info. 13 comments on the Wired News site so far. Erm . . . here’s one of the latest: “I’d like to be connected with those involved in the pleasure industry. I’m running a […]

Oh dear!

Tweet “The Agriculture Ministry is not in charge of Gundam,” ministry official Tsutomu Shimomura told the Associated Press news agency.

Second Life

Tweet My Japan Journal article on Second Life was re-published in the Japan Times today.

Mobile phones in Japan

Tweet The third article in a series on Wired Japan for the Japan Journal. Mobile phones this time. Show PDF

Japan Times Article

Tweet My article on citizen journalism was reprinted in today’s Japan Times.

Living Dolls

Tweet This is the article I wrote on bunraku for Kaleidoscope magazine. Fantastic layout! view pdf

Mixi vs MySpace

Tweet this is my SNS article again – in today’s Japan Times

citizen journalism

Tweet This is an article I wrote on public journalism (AKA citizen journalism) for the Japan Journal PDF


Tweet short article in Wired Magazine “I tell people that I used to be an engineer,” says Kazuhiro Ohno as he tosses a patient’s left leg into a box near the operating table. “But now I’m a doctor.” . . .read more

social networking sites

Tweet “Tokyo Architect Yuki Nikitaki has 28 friends on the “mixi Ewebsite. She logs on everyday, posts entries to her online diary, and sends messages to her friends. Some she knows offline, but some she has never met face to face and several live in other parts of Japan or overseas. “I don’t think I would […]

Kabuki props

Tweet This is an article Mattias Westfalk and I did on Fujinami Kodogu, the the Kabuki theatre’s sole props supplier for the last 300 or so years. (photo Mattias Westfalk) View PDF(first page is blank!)

Publisher arrested

Tweet article on Kami no Bakudan now on the Japan Focus website too view article

arrested for libel

Tweet This is an article I wrote about the arrest of a Japanese publisher. Updated for the Foreign Correspondent’s Club Magazine. show PDF

article on the JET scheme

Tweet PDF an article for the Japan Journal on the JET scheme – a goverment run program that places teaching assistants in Japanese schools