The fight against “Paris Syndrome”

Tweet Here’s a fun photo story from the Reuter’s blog. A group of Japanese expats in Paris are helping tidy the city in an attempt to ammeliorate the symptoms of “Paris Syndrome”. According to Wikipedia, Paris Syndrome is: “a constellation of symptoms primarily affecting mood which affects visitors working and vacationing in Paris, France.” Basically, […]

local flower festival

Tweet I was out in the park with my son this afternoon and came across this! It’s the local “sakurasaoh matsuri” – as written on the pink lantern. My landlord says that our local area used to belong to sakurasoh (Japanese primose) growers. During this festival – the primoses are in bloom now – a […]

Entomophagy in Japan

Tweet My story on bug-eating was on the front page of the Japan Foreign Correspondent’s Club magazine this month. Hope it’s not on display in the restaurant. The photos were picked up by the UK’s Telegraph newspaper too and run as a slideshow. (Many thanks to the Telegraph’s generous food critic Japan correspondent Julian Ryall […]

Junichiro Koizumi, Alex Kerr, and why the global depression might be good for Japan

Tweet If I had a nice shot of a Japanese funeral, I would have put it here with the caption “RIP Japan”. Ten years in Japan and I’ve never been so disgusted at the crooks, fools,  now drunks that claim to be leading the country. Everyone has seen the coverage our ex-Finance Minister, Shoichi “Lemsip” […]

Super Handicapped Pro-Wrestling

Tweet disabled wrestler Earlier this year I did a story on a group of disabled wrestlers called Doglegs: Super Handicapped Pro-wrestling. It sounds like the most incredibly crass bad taste idea ever. But after actually seeing one of their events I kind of understood why the wrestlers said it was empowering for them. These photos […]

Tsukiji knife photos

Tweet [UPDATE 23 Nov 2008: All the photos in my online archive here, Tsukiji knife photos ] [UPDATE 10 Oct 2008: The full story is now on the wesbite of Rex Features: here] I’ve been taking photos of a 240 year old knife shop in Tsukiji fish market. This is the owner of the shop […]

otaku dominoes

Tweet I was at the Big Site exhibition hall in Odaiba last weekend covering one of Tokyo’s many otaku events. (Deep deep into geek territory for a series of articles on Japanese pop culture exports right now) This one was for model makers and figure collectors: everything from Tamiya tanks to latex Godzillas I got […]


Tweet Not so long ago I was interviewed for a magazine published by the Japan Foundation. The article is here – all in Japanese I am afraid. As it was part of a series on students of Japanese and their jobs, they asked me to take along some of the texts I had used to […]

Kabuki props

Tweet Working on an article about Kabuki props at the moment. Mattias Westfalk took this photo at the props company we visited today. View image


Tweet very interesting analysis of the Livedoor scandal from the Japan Today website. click here

Araki (Japan Times)

Tweet “40 rolls of film a day!”

“my parrots went absolutely nuts”

Tweet earthquake in North Wales

game reset

Tweet “About 15 percent of elementary and junior high school students in Nagasaki Prefecture believe dead people can be resurrected, according to a recent poll by the prefectural board of education.” . . . from an article in the Japan Times because they play computer games apparently! but note the caveat at the end of […]

human beans

Tweet Japanese beans get chatty BBC article


Tweet London “the most diverse city ever”. Guardian article

why learn kanji?

Tweet Japan Times article

false leg?

Tweet article in the Register

mince pie crisis looms

Tweet not enough lard, apparently Guardian British Lard Marketing Board

did I start a trend?

Tweet “A dating agency has opened its first UK office to help single Japanese women find romance in Britain.” BBC article

new cigarette packet warnings

Tweet some new ‘sterner’ warnings on cigarette packets have been introduced. Japan Times article

For Sale. Saddam’s left leg

Tweet Click here. (scroll down for English)

Amazing photos

Tweet Photos from an exhibition at the National Theatre.

Back Home

Tweet Back from a few days in England.

Poor Wales

Tweet good day for China, bad day for Wales