Lighthouses of the West Coast

Tweet Superb photos by my friend and partner in crime Mattias Westfalk of lighthouses on the West Coast of the US. Last Spring we spent 2 weeks travelling from San Francicso to Seattle and visiting every lighthouse we could for an inflight magazine. I was on a relatively rare these days text-only gig. (The story […]

Photos of Showa Japan

Tweet One of my jobs when I’m not researching, writing, photographing, or washing the dishes at home is running the exhibition committee of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. Each month we have a different photo exhibition. I’m going to blog them as they happen. Here are two photos from this month’s show, “Showa Japan […]

Photography in Japan – what are your rights?

Tweet When can and when can’t you take photos in Japan? I received an unexpected email from an anthropology professor in Osaka about this topic last week. He had some interesting questions which I’ve pasted below with my answers. I’d love to know how other photographers in Japan would answer. If anyone wants to fill […]

When is stealing photos OK?

Tweet I ended up in rather a heated debate on another blog recently. Here’s part of the post that caused me to lose my rag: “I haven’t had the chance to go out taking photos today, but I found a great picture on the Internet (which I stole from Getty Images).” It was such a […]

Takao – Tokyo’s mystical mountain

Tweet I climbed Mount Takao near Tokyo yesterday for a photoessay I’m working on. These are statues of “tengu” goblin, which the mountain is famous for. There are two kinds: one with green and with a beak, and one with a red face and long nose. They both have a reputation for causing trouble – […]

Super Handicapped Pro-Wrestling

Tweet disabled wrestler Earlier this year I did a story on a group of disabled wrestlers called Doglegs: Super Handicapped Pro-wrestling. It sounds like the most incredibly crass bad taste idea ever. But after actually seeing one of their events I kind of understood why the wrestlers said it was empowering for them. These photos […]

Tokyo Camera Shops

Tweet Thought I would post something useful for a change! Tokyo probably has more camera shops than any other city on the planet. Here are a list of some of the biggest and best. They all sell new cameras. I’ll cover 2nd hand cameras in another post. 1) Ikebukuro Bic Camera: They have stores all […]

more Soviet snapshops

Tweet More pictures taken around Warsaw with that sturdy Zenit. The city had changed a lot since I was last there (1990?). Very affluent and comfortable. Oddly enough, reminded me of Beijing: wide roads, grey communist era apartments, young people everywhere, frantic construction.

three more Shinjuku portraits


More Shinjuku portraits

Tweet Three more Sunday afternoon photos from the streets of Shinjuku. I’ve been messing about with flash. The puzzled look on everyone’s face is because I’m holding the strobe at arms length over their head!

Shinjuku portraits

Tweet I was in Shinjuku taking portraits of random passersby Sunday afternoon . . .