Tweet Love – Chie Ayado crazy Osaka jazz singer


Tweet Brian Wilson’s Smile


Tweet 31 songs – Nick Hornby Another 31

Howl’s Moving Castle

Tweet New film by Miyazaki Hayao. Mixed reviews from our group when we went to see it. But the animation is stunningly beautiful as usual. Fan Website. The film is based on a book by Diana Wynne Jones


Tweet Voices – Best of Keiko Lee


Tweet Cassandra Wilson – Glamoured

Blood and Bone

Tweet Excellent new film by Sai Yoichi. About a family of Koreans in Osaka. Takeshi Kitano is terrifying. film website


Tweet I’ve felt more earthquakes in the last week than all the time I’ve been in Japan. The initial earthquake last weekend rattled this apartment quite impressively. Over 30 people dead and thousands of people still living in temporary shelter in Niigata. A man near the epicenter was being interviewed by phone live on TV […]


Tweet Time out of mind – Bob Dylan


Tweet Sun – UA Japan’s Bjork. Just as good, probably even weirder. Aslo has her own children’s program and has just released an album of nursery rhymes. Build that fanbase early!


Tweet The Very Best of Elvis Costello


Tweet Nashville Skyline – Bob Dylan


Tweet Sons and Lovers

Let It Be

Tweet New CD


Tweet Paid a visit to the LDP headquarters today. Found this character prowling around.


Tweet New CD! Sergio Mendes & Brasil ’66

The most illegible bachelor in town

Tweet Listening now: Billy Bragg’s best of.

Man buys ecstasy tablets thinking they are vitamins

Tweet From the Mainichi Shimbun

Japan Times (Eating Disorders)

Tweet An article I wrote for the Japan Times on rising rates of eating disorders in Japan.


Tweet Article by Kaori Shoji in the Japan Times on Sushi.


Tweet Beginning to know how the rice in the rice cooker below feels now!

Hello Kitty

Tweet What did Kitty do to deserve this?

Hot summer afternoons

Tweet It must have averaged around 36/37 celcius this week. 60 or 70% humidity of course.

Kitchen timers

Tweet Just the kitchen timer section in Bic Camera (one of Tokyo’s biggest electronics shops)