Shiny Happy People

Tweet Beautiful day, gorgeous light, happy people – what more do you need? A few portraits from our local spring festival last weekend. It’s not the first time I have shot the festival, though I took a different approach this time. D700 + 50mm lens. All were taken close to maximum aperture, usually within a […]

local flower festival

Tweet I was out in the park with my son this afternoon and came across this! It’s the local “sakurasaoh matsuri” – as written on the pink lantern. My landlord says that our local area used to belong to sakurasoh (Japanese primose) growers. During this festival – the primoses are in bloom now – a […]

200 kinds of instant ramen

Tweet Another shoot for my instant noodle magnum opus. There’s a restaurant – actually more of a bar – in Tokyo where all they serve is instant noodles. 200 kinds! I asked the owner why she choose instant noodles. She said because they are “cheap, easy to make, and never go off”. The dishes on […]

Takao – Tokyo’s mystical mountain

Tweet I climbed Mount Takao near Tokyo yesterday for a photoessay I’m working on. These are statues of “tengu” goblin, which the mountain is famous for. There are two kinds: one with green and with a beak, and one with a red face and long nose. They both have a reputation for causing trouble – […]

Local Festival

Tweet This is the second time I’ve taken part in the shinto festival near my house. It happens every two years and involves hefting a 1 ton portable shrine around the neighbourhood with regular stops for sake and snacks. We start off at the local shrine 9am and finish around dusk at 5pm. I took […]

Tokyo Game Show 2008 photo slideshow

Tweet Tokyo Game Show 2008 from Tony McNicol on Vimeo. Here’s a link to my Tokyo Games Show photos

Tokyo Design Festa

Tweet This is a slideshow from Design Festa at Big Site last year. Lots of weird photos of weird art and weird people. Just testing out You Tube on this blog. More recent slideshows soon. a link to my You Tube channel

otaku dominoes

Tweet I was at the Big Site exhibition hall in Odaiba last weekend covering one of Tokyo’s many otaku events. (Deep deep into geek territory for a series of articles on Japanese pop culture exports right now) This one was for model makers and figure collectors: everything from Tamiya tanks to latex Godzillas I got […]

Design Festa

Tweet You Tube-d photos from last weekend’s Design Festa at Big Site