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Photos of Showa Japan

Tweet One of my jobs when I’m not researching, writing, photographing, or washing the dishes at home is running the exhibition committee of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. Each month we have a different photo exhibition. I’m going to blog them as they happen. Here are two photos from this month’s show, “Showa Japan […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Tweet Sorry for the blog hiatus . . . New Year’s Resolutions Blog more often Don’t get freaked out by the poor economic climate depression Dive into multimedia (watch this space) Shed my aversion to Photoshop Take LOTS and LOTS of photos – preferably of things no-one’s photographed before. At least not in the same […]

Urasawa Naoki new manga

Tweet Urasawa Naoki, who’s probably the most popular manga artist in Japan, has just started a new series called Billy Bat. I spent a good part of this year reading the 24 volumes (about 5000 pages) of his last manga 20th Century Boys in Japanese so I’m a little wary of starting this next one. […]