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Nothing much by the sea

Tweet December 31st 2011. A near deserted beach in Chiba prefecture. Iron seagulls. Broken shells. Coloured glass tumbled smooth by the sea. Sunlight on peeling sky blue paint. In December Japan has ’forget the year parties’. Change the mind’s tatami, throw away yellowed memories. Nothing much is happening here. Once, I used to psyche myself […]

The Chiba Jeebies

Tweet Wandering around the wilds of Chiba prefecture a couple of months ago. By the time I took the last photo I was hopelessly lost and eventually someone had to come and find me. My mobile phone battery had run out and,  as I discovered, there aren’t many public telephones in the Japanese countryside. Apologies […]

Chiba surfing

Tweet Surf’s up. Recently had  chance to visit a surfing “Mecca” in Chiba with my brother-in-law. Beats Sunday morning pushing a trolley around Itoyokado. Time to invest in one of these? (Tokyo Photojournalist on Facebook)