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Children’s Day in Ishinomaki

Tweet This is the last of the sets of photos I took up in tsumnami-devastated Ishinomaki over Golden Week. The morning of 5 May I drove from Sendai to Ishinomaki with rakugo artist Dianne Orrett and a couple of her Chindon’ya friends. We spent the day together as they performed at the Ishinomaki Mangattan and […]

Tokyo Sinfonia in Tohoku

Tweet This is another story from Golden week. I travelled up to the disaster zone with the Tokyo Sinfonia who played several concerts in the refugee centers. This was another privileged experience. Two months after the quake, the authorities were reluctant to let anyone into the centers – least of all photographers. But it was […]

One week later

Tweet Even at a time like this, people need music. Perhaps, at a time like this,  they need it more than ever. On Tuesday I received this email from Robert Ryker, Music Director of the Tokyo Sinfonia. It was about a concert that some time ago we’d arranged I’d photograph – I was surprised to […]

Ginza darkly

Tweet Japan is a dark place in more ways than one at the moment. The terrible suffering in north Japan is constantly on everyone’s minds, as is the nuclear power station crisis in Fukushima. Meanwhile, homes and businesses are trying to save as much electricity as possible. Ginza is normally one of the busiest brightest […]

Leaving Tokyo

Tweet The atmosphere is Tokyo right now is hard to describe: a mixture of horror, weariness and unease. Like everyone else here I’ve been glued to the TV and internet for days. Yesterday morning was the low point so far for me. When the media started reporting on rising radiation at the Fukushima plant I […]

Stranded by the earthquake

Tweet I am stuck in my Tokyo office tonight. All the trains have stopped. I went down to Shinagawa station to see what was happening and take some photos. Glad I have a heated office to sleep in and a blanket at least. UPDATE: March 12th 10.30am Finally got home at 5am this morning: car […]