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English teacher in Japan portraits

Tweet I blogged about this back in April, but the exhibition has just opened at the correspondent’s club so here are some more photos and a short interview with the photographer Gary McLeod. Gary has been making portraits of English teachers in Japan. Each image consists of about 300 individual photos taken with a Nikon […]

“Good Ordinary People”

Tweet This month’s exhibition in the Foreign Correspondent’s Club Main Bar is by Yu-ki Matsuoka and is called “Good Ordinary People.” The photos are from a shotengai shopping mall in Yokohama. I didn’t really understand the title at first, but here is how Yu-ki explains it: “What I discovered in Matsubara Shopping mall is that […]

Hosoe Eikoh exhibition

Tweet Something special to announce today. The June exhibition at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan is no less than THREE sets of photos by world-renowned photographer Hosoe Eikoh. (It runs from 30 May to 27 June. Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert blogged on Saturday’s opening party over at Tokyoland.) One important thing to mention is that the […]

Seeking Photographers

Tweet Tokyo Photojournalist welcomes applications for photo exhibitions at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan in Tokyo (FCCJ). I am the current chair of the exhibition committee. To cut a long story short, the club doesn’t have a budget for prints, but we do have simple frames and the month long exhibitions are free of […]

Photos of Showa Japan

Tweet One of my jobs when I’m not researching, writing, photographing, or washing the dishes at home is running the exhibition committee of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. Each month we have a different photo exhibition. I’m going to blog them as they happen. Here are two photos from this month’s show, “Showa Japan […]