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English teacher in Japan portraits

Tweet I blogged about this back in April, but the exhibition has just opened at the correspondent’s club so here are some more photos and a short interview with the photographer Gary McLeod. Gary has been making portraits of English teachers in Japan. Each image consists of about 300 individual photos taken with a Nikon […]

“Good Ordinary People”

Tweet This month’s exhibition in the Foreign Correspondent’s Club Main Bar is by Yu-ki Matsuoka and is called “Good Ordinary People.” The photos are from a shotengai shopping mall in Yokohama. I didn’t really understand the title at first, but here is how Yu-ki explains it: “What I discovered in Matsubara Shopping mall is that […]

Seeking Photographers

Tweet Tokyo Photojournalist welcomes applications for photo exhibitions at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan in Tokyo (FCCJ). I am the current chair of the exhibition committee. To cut a long story short, the club doesn’t have a budget for prints, but we do have simple frames and the month long exhibitions are free of […]

irezumi tattooing in Tokyo

Tweet A few weeks ago I attendedĀ  an irezumi tattooing demonstration at the Foreign Correspondents Club in Tokyo, an event for a fantastic new book that’s just come out: Tattoo in Japan. The club magazine asked me to do a story so I contacted the writer Manami Okazaki and one of the photographers Martin Hladik […]

Hayao Miyazaki rare press conference

Tweet The anime director and genius Hayao Miyazaki came to the Foreign Correspondent’s Club in Tokyo yesterday for a press conference. I was there with the rest of a horde of snappers. (Miyazaki is a bit of a recluse, so not many chances to get pictures of him). But when he talks to the press, […]