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Food for thought

Tweet I’ve had a few stories in the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan magazine before now, but this is the first time on the cover. A project close to my heart too. As I wrote in the text (see below) to go with these portraits, I have enormous respect for the people producing Japan’s fantastic […]

Second class food?

Tweet Perhaps only Japan would have an event celebrating “2nd class food”? It’s probably something to do with the fact that even the fast food in Japan tends to be very good. This year the B1 Grand Prix was held in Yokote-city up in Akita prefecture. B1 stands for B-Class Gourmet, foods like yakisoba, okonomiyaki, […]

All you ever wanted to know about Kamaboko (likely more)

Tweet There are some photographic subjects that are not exactly obviously photogenic. This was definitely one: Kamaboko AKA Japanese fish cake. I was shooting the white pasty food for an airline magazine. So what to do? I visited a kamaboko factory in the inner Tsujiki fish market and the same company’s kamaboko shop in the […]

Foodie photos

Tweet I spent the early part of this week at “Tokyo Taste The World Summit of Gastronomy 2009”.  Held at the International Forum in Yurakucho, the event was billed as a fashion show for haute cuisine, and sold out all three days. A picture of Joel Robuchon – probably the world’s most famous chef – […]