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Talking Tokyo photojournalist

Tweet Earlier this year I was interviewed by an organisation called The Shpilman Institute for Photography. To be quite honest, I don’t know much about them, but the questions were fun and I seem to be among in good company amongst the other interviewees on the blog. I’m re-posting the interview here with permission. Just […]

Digital Hollywood

Tweet This is Tomo Sugiyama, the President of Digital Hollywood University; every inch the Japanese digital guru. I interviewed him last week for a story on digital content (games, TV, cellphone content etc). Sugiyama was at MIT in the 1980s with Nicholas Negroponte, which is a pretty cool IT credential. When he came back to […]

Interviewing Bando Tamasaburo

Tweet No pictures today because I was strictly on text duty. One of the biggest interviews I’ve done so far too. Bando Tamasaburo is the greatest living Kabuki onnagata (male actor playing a female role) in Japan. See him in gorgeous action below. I don’t normally get nervous before interviews, but there’s a difference between […]