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The world’s first hermaphrodite manga artist?

Tweet Yes, you read that right. Not a manga about hermaphrodites, but BY a hermaphrodite. I was browsing through the comics section of my local bookshop and found this: It was the catchline on the cover that caught my eye. “Japan’s first hermaphrodite manga artist (intersex)”. Underneath that: “Manga artist Arai Sho takes a scalpel […]

Manga shops in Tokyo

Tweet Where is Tokyo’s biggest manga shop? Earlier this week I was taking photos in Ikebukuro¬† for a story on manga.¬† I asked around to try and find Tokyo’s largest manga shop but drew a complete blank. Shops seem to specialize in one particular demographic or sell second hand books. Anyway, for what it’s worth, […]

Urasawa Naoki new manga

Tweet Urasawa Naoki, who’s probably the most popular manga artist in Japan, has just started a new series called Billy Bat. I spent a good part of this year reading the 24 volumes (about 5000 pages) of his last manga 20th Century Boys in Japanese so I’m a little wary of starting this next one. […]