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Akihabara tour

Tweet More photos from “otaku Mecca” Akihabara. Last week I took a tour organized by a startup called GI Jane. I was surprised to see so many foreigners on the streets. I’m not sure where these guys were from (maybe Italy?) but they certainly looked the part. I caught them outside the Radio Kaikan which […]

apologies to Moriyama Daido

Tweet I was back on the otaku trail yesterday, taking photos on an Akihabara tour. (Thank to Jane of GI Jane!) This is a photo my tireless guide leading me down a side-street to a tiny Shinto shrine hidden between the electronics shops and canned-oden vending machines. Moriyama Daido fans sense something a little familiar. […]

otaku dominoes

Tweet I was at the Big Site exhibition hall in Odaiba last weekend covering one of Tokyo’s many otaku events. (Deep deep into geek territory for a series of articles on Japanese pop culture exports right now) This one was for model makers and figure collectors: everything from Tamiya tanks to latex Godzillas I got […]