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Magic Mountains

Tweet Explaining the Shugendo religion would be a job for a book, not a blog post. But let’s just say it’s a colourful mix of Buddhism, Japan’s ancient Shinto religion, and even more ancient native animism. Shugendo’s adherents are known as Yamabushi – men (and a few women) who undertake arduous ascetic training in the […]

Stars in his eyes

Tweet I’ve done a few fun interview portraits recently. This one was of planetarium designer Takayuki Ohira. He started off making papercraft projectors in his bedroom and eventually came up with a professional-grade device that could show orders of magnitude more stars than any other. He’s quite the nutty professor, and a household name in […]

Taking to the streets

Tweet It took me quite a few years of working as a photographer to get round to a proper project, but In 2012 I started not one but two. This is the second. (The first is here). Hard to believe now with the pro-nuclear LDP just voted back in, but last Spring and Summer there […]

Night and Day (More Parkour)

Tweet Oh dear, I’ve been badly neglecting this blog recently. Apologies. As a first installment in a substantial backlog, here are a few more photos from my Tokyo Parkour project. (Must get that going again).  They come from two shoots: one in Shinjuku after dark and the other in Shibuya in the early morning. I […]

Cabaret time

Tweet I was in Roppongi recently taking photos of cabaret (and I don’t mean a cabaret club). The main reason I was there was to shoot one of the performers, yo-yo artist BLACK (blog post to come). But I got some of his co-stars too: Lu Nagata, Kiyoshi Ibukuro, Juan and Agatha, Philippe Aymard, Paul […]

Returning to the path

Tweet Rather a personal shoot for me this one. About ten years ago, after my first stint in Japan, I was thinking hard about what do with my life. I decided to walk the famous Shikoku 88 temple pilgrimage – all 1400km. I suppose it worked because after I got home to the UK I […]

Kusaya photos: Possibly the smelliest photo job ever

Tweet I’ve just got back from several days on the island of Hachijojima (45 minutes by plane from Tokyo, pop. 8,500). I thought I’d do a story on kusaya, a kind of malordorous preserved fish that Hachijojima is famous – or rather notorious – for. What does it smell like? Suffice to say the name […]

Nikka whisky

Tweet Japan isn’t renowned for its whisky, but actually it should be because the good stuff is very good indeed. These photos are from one of Nikka’s two distilleries in Japan – part of a travel story I was doing on the city of Sendai. I think I could guess why Nikka chose the location […]

The Narrow Road to the Deep North

Tweet Writing this from a somewhat dingy hotel in Mizusawa, Northern Japan. Two stories this trip – one on Iwate ironware and one on Sendai whisky. Bumped into Matsuo Basho yesterday, or rather his statue, at a temple in Hiraizumi. He penned a famous haiku in the town: “The summer’s grass / is all that’s […]

Digital Hollywood

Tweet This is Tomo Sugiyama, the President of Digital Hollywood University; every inch the Japanese digital guru. I interviewed him last week for a story on digital content (games, TV, cellphone content etc). Sugiyama was at MIT in the 1980s with Nicholas Negroponte, which is a pretty cool IT credential. When he came back to […]

Tokyo Tower

Tweet I stumbled across this guy (not literally, but almost!) on my way to a Tsukiji fish market shoot VERY early one morning. He was wearing a pretty nice suit, so not sure why he hadn’t found himself a capsule hotel. Got as close as I could with the wide angle (which is closer than […]

otaku dominoes

Tweet I was at the Big Site exhibition hall in Odaiba last weekend covering one of Tokyo’s many otaku events. (Deep deep into geek territory for a series of articles on Japanese pop culture exports right now) This one was for model makers and figure collectors: everything from Tamiya tanks to latex Godzillas I got […]

more Soviet snapshops

Tweet More pictures taken around Warsaw with that sturdy Zenit. The city had changed a lot since I was last there (1990?). Very affluent and comfortable. Oddly enough, reminded me of Beijing: wide roads, grey communist era apartments, young people everywhere, frantic construction.