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Seeking Photographers

Tweet Tokyo Photojournalist welcomes applications for photo exhibitions at the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan in Tokyo (FCCJ). I am the current chair of the exhibition committee. To cut a long story short, the club doesn’t have a budget for prints, but we do have simple frames and the month long exhibitions are free of […]

Himba, The Red People of Namibia – Go Yamagata

Tweet This month’s correspondent’s club exhibtion is by a Japanese photographer, Go Yamagata. (From the FCCJ notice) The “Himba” African tribal group live in an arid area of North-western Namibia known as “Kaokoland”. Since his first encounter with the Himba people in 2004, photographer Go Yamagata has been fascinated by their traditional lifestyle as well […]

Photos of Showa Japan

Tweet One of my jobs when I’m not researching, writing, photographing, or washing the dishes at home is running the exhibition committee of the Foreign Correspondent’s Club of Japan. Each month we have a different photo exhibition. I’m going to blog them as they happen. Here are two photos from this month’s show, “Showa Japan […]

Photography in Japan – what are your rights?

Tweet When can and when can’t you take photos in Japan? I received an unexpected email from an anthropology professor in Osaka about this topic last week. He had some interesting questions which I’ve pasted below with my answers. I’d love to know how other photographers in Japan would answer. If anyone wants to fill […]

New Year’s Resolutions

Tweet Sorry for the blog hiatus . . . New Year’s Resolutions Blog more often Don’t get freaked out by the poor economic climate depression Dive into multimedia (watch this space) Shed my aversion to Photoshop Take LOTS and LOTS of photos – preferably of things no-one’s photographed before. At least not in the same […]