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Creepy crawly cuisine

Tweet Earlier this week I photographed probably the sweetest middle aged couple I have met in Japan. On a gorgeous Autumn morning I visited them at their cosy little detached Japanese house in a pretty part of Western Tokyo. As we talked they introduced me to their pets, told me about their hobbies and plied […]

Local Festival

Tweet This is the second time I’ve taken part in the shinto festival near my house. It happens every two years and involves hefting a 1 ton portable shrine around the neighbourhood with regular stops for sake and snacks. We start off at the local shrine 9am and finish around dusk at 5pm. I took […]

Tokyo Game Show 2008

Tweet I survived Tokyo Game Show 2008! Imagine 8 hours imprisoned in a dark cavernous space packed with hundreds of excited Japanese otaku. Two winges: 1) Why was there a queue of about a hundred journalists at the press desk come 10am opening. Surely the world’s largest game expo could organise online registration? 2) Why […]

Akihabara tour

Tweet More photos from “otaku Mecca” Akihabara. Last week I took a tour organized by a startup called GI Jane. I was surprised to see so many foreigners on the streets. I’m not sure where these guys were from (maybe Italy?) but they certainly looked the part. I caught them outside the Radio Kaikan which […]

apologies to Moriyama Daido

Tweet I was back on the otaku trail yesterday, taking photos on an Akihabara tour. (Thank to Jane of GI Jane!) This is a photo my tireless guide leading me down a side-street to a tiny Shinto shrine hidden between the electronics shops and canned-oden vending machines. Moriyama Daido fans sense something a little familiar. […]

three more Shinjuku portraits