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The oldest city in Japan

Tweet For a notably low-key city, Fukuoka has a fair few superlatives to its name. It is Japan’s closest city to Korea which means it can lay claim to being Japan’s oldest city. In other words, it was the first beachhead of civilization from the Asian mainland. These days Fukuoka has some of the strongest […]

Sado Island

Tweet Sado ferry Sado seems to be one of those places that everyone talks about going to but few actually get to. After 10 years in Japan this was my first trip to the island, on a story for an airline magazine. First photos were on the ferry – a pretty chilly voyage as it […]

Takao – Tokyo’s mystical mountain

Tweet I climbed Mount Takao near Tokyo yesterday for a photoessay I’m working on. These are statues of “tengu” goblin, which the mountain is famous for. There are two kinds: one with green and with a beak, and one with a red face and long nose. They both have a reputation for causing trouble – […]

Kusaya photos: Possibly the smelliest photo job ever

Tweet I’ve just got back from several days on the island of Hachijojima (45 minutes by plane from Tokyo, pop. 8,500). I thought I’d do a story on kusaya, a kind of malordorous preserved fish that Hachijojima is famous – or rather notorious – for. What does it smell like? Suffice to say the name […]