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Tsukiji portraits

Tweet Not only is Tsukiji fish market one of best places in Tokyo to visit, its one of the most photogenic too. A few years ago I did a small project photographing people who work in the market. I have around 100 impromptu portraits. Usually, I just approached people explained what I was doing, asked […]


Tweet Tsukiji fish market is quickly turning into the photo destination in Tokyo. It’s colourful, chaoatic and real. It’s open 24 hours a day and about 10,000 people work there. What could be better? (Just ignore the fact that officially the public, including tourists, aren’t allowed in the market). Tsukiji fish market I took my […]

All you ever wanted to know about Kamaboko (likely more)

Tweet There are some photographic subjects that are not exactly obviously photogenic. This was definitely one: Kamaboko AKA Japanese fish cake. I was shooting the white pasty food for an airline magazine. So what to do? I visited a kamaboko factory in the inner Tsujiki fish market and the same company’s kamaboko shop in the […]

Stuffed panda for sale. Any takers?

Tweet (apologies if you have come to this post looking for cute panda toys) What can I say? A stuffed panda at the Tsukiji fish market . . . There was a price tag and certificate of authenticity attached to the panda: I can’t remember exactly how much it cost, but plenty of zeros. I […]

Tsukiji knife photos

Tweet [UPDATE 23 Nov 2008: All the photos in my online archive here, Tsukiji knife photos ] [UPDATE 10 Oct 2008: The full story is now on the wesbite of Rex Features: here] I’ve been taking photos of a 240 year old knife shop in Tsukiji fish market. This is the owner of the shop […]

Tokyo Tower

Tweet I stumbled across this guy (not literally, but almost!) on my way to a Tsukiji fish market shoot VERY early one morning. He was wearing a pretty nice suit, so not sure why he hadn’t found himself a capsule hotel. Got as close as I could with the wide angle (which is closer than […]