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Festival fever

Tweet More from the festival. These were taken right outside the station just as the portable shrine got moving. The trick with these is to focus while walking backwards and avoiding the waving arms of drunken revelers . . .

Shiny Happy People

Tweet Beautiful day, gorgeous light, happy people – what more do you need? A few portraits from our local spring festival last weekend. It’s not the first time I have shot the festival, though I took a different approach this time. D700 + 50mm lens. All were taken close to maximum aperture, usually within a […]

local flower festival

Tweet I was out in the park with my son this afternoon and came across this! It’s the local “sakurasaoh matsuri” – as written on the pink lantern. My landlord says that our local area used to belong to sakurasoh (Japanese primose) growers. During this festival – the primoses are in bloom now – a […]